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Date AddedSubjectCategory
November 7, 2007stamler track drivesComponents/PartsVIEW
November 8, 2007jaw crusherEquipmentVIEW
November 16, 2007D155A EquipmentVIEW
November 16, 2007D375AEquipmentVIEW
November 16, 200714GEquipmentVIEW
November 16, 2007966EEquipmentVIEW
November 16, 2007WIRTGENEquipmentVIEW
November 16, 2007966DEquipmentVIEW
November 16, 2007950EEquipmentVIEW
November 16, 2007140GEquipmentVIEW
November 16, 2007BARBER GREENEquipmentVIEW
November 16, 2007730 Cat articulated truck EquipmentVIEW
November 24, 2007D155, D375EquipmentVIEW
November 24, 2007Barber Greene PaversEquipmentVIEW
January 7, 2008Dry type transformerGeneralVIEW
January 10, 200845R57 Goodeyar CasingsComponents/PartsVIEW
January 11, 2008Tamrock(TORO501DL)EquipmentVIEW
January 23, 2008Ditch Witch TrencherComponents/PartsVIEW
January 30, 2008P&H 2100 Parts - UrgentComponents/PartsVIEW
February 27, 2008Rollers,CA25D,CA30D,CA251D,CA252D,CA301D,CA302D,CA511D,CA512D,CA602DEquipmentVIEW
February 27, 2008Hammers, Npk No,10 , 7EquipmentVIEW
April 6, 20088" or 10" ID Slurry HoseComponents/PartsVIEW
April 19, 200845 and 57in Tires avlComponents/PartsVIEW
April 24, 2008Cat D10N track framesComponents/PartsVIEW
June 4, 2008Process equipmentEquipmentVIEW
June 11, 2008Crushers WantedEquipmentVIEW
July 8, 2008Used Mining EquipmentsEquipmentVIEW
July 24, 2008Ball MillsEquipmentVIEW
August 4, 2008Caterpillar 992G & 777DEquipmentVIEW
December 17, 2008MT420 & MT2000EquipmentVIEW
March 5, 2009CIP/CIL Gold plant wanted (Around 100 000 tpa)EquipmentVIEW
March 26, 2009RMS Ross DeRockerEquipmentVIEW
April 28, 2009MARION 191-M WANTEDEquipmentVIEW
July 23, 2009Cable ReelerEquipmentVIEW
September 2, 2009RequestComponents/PartsVIEW
September 22, 20092800xp track shoesComponents/PartsVIEW
November 7, 2009P&HComponents/PartsVIEW
November 7, 2009Wabco Truck 120Components/PartsVIEW
November 16, 2009Dozers Wanted EquipmentVIEW
November 21, 2009heavy equpmentEquipmentVIEW
January 27, 2010Inquiry for Terex MT4400Components/PartsVIEW
March 11, 2010diesel enginesComponents/PartsVIEW
March 28, 2010skidsteer bobcatsEquipmentVIEW
April 1, 2010Wanted Used CAT966D Wheel Loader EquipmentVIEW
April 1, 2010Bobcat S130 Skid SteerEquipmentVIEW
June 4, 2010RequestComponents/PartsVIEW
June 11, 2010Komatsu 930 trucksEquipmentVIEW
September 10, 201015KV Switchgear WantedEquipmentVIEW
February 18, 2011couplingComponents/PartsVIEW
February 20, 2011Ammann AV95 - RollersEquipmentVIEW
April 21, 2011Mineral SizerEquipmentVIEW
June 10, 2011Looking for Scooptram ST710EquipmentVIEW
July 31, 2011used conveyor belts from mining industries wanted,Components/PartsVIEW
September 12, 2011used complete rear axleComponents/PartsVIEW
September 12, 2011Wanted 14G CAT Motor Grader EquipmentVIEW
September 12, 2011Wanted 14H CAT Motor Grader EquipmentVIEW
September 12, 2011Wanted Heavy Construction EquipmentsEquipmentVIEW
September 12, 2011Cat 12g - GradersEquipmentVIEW
September 12, 2011Wanted CAT 140G Motor GraderEquipmentVIEW
September 14, 2011Wanted 12G CAT Motor Grader EquipmentVIEW
September 19, 2011used conveyor beltingComponents/PartsVIEW
September 22, 2011Rotary Drill EquipmentVIEW
September 27, 2011CentrifugeEquipmentVIEW
October 28, 2011uesd conveyor belts wantedComponents/PartsVIEW
October 28, 2011CAT end dump haul trucksEquipmentVIEW
November 4, 2011Ingersoll-Rand DM45 DrillEquipmentVIEW
November 4, 2011D11R TZ BladeComponents/PartsVIEW
November 4, 2011O & K RH40E ShovelsEquipmentVIEW
November 9, 2011PC 1250EquipmentVIEW
November 9, 2011Komatsu 830E Rigid TrucksEquipmentVIEW
November 9, 2011Cat 797 TrucksEquipmentVIEW
January 13, 2012Wheel LoaderEquipmentVIEW
February 10, 2012McCloskey Crusher WANTEDEquipmentVIEW
February 10, 2012TrucksEquipmentVIEW
February 20, 2012Mining Equipment neededEquipmentVIEW
April 4, 2012CAT 785B & C Trucks Wanted!EquipmentVIEW
April 5, 2012Shovel Cables Components/PartsVIEW
May 3, 2012785B ,785C ,789EquipmentVIEW
May 3, 2012Caterpillar 793 BEquipmentVIEW
May 15, 2012MTU 16V4000 EngineComponents/PartsVIEW
July 16, 2012Wheel LoaderEquipmentVIEW
October 6, 2012Used CAT 950,966,988 loadesrEquipmentVIEW
November 10, 2012SlushersComponents/PartsVIEW
November 30, 2012Gold processing plant equipmentEquipmentVIEW
January 9, 2013Scrap MetalGeneralVIEW
January 28, 2013scrap equipmentGeneralVIEW
February 6, 2013Wanted 980F CAT LoaderEquipmentVIEW
February 6, 2013Wanted 140H Caterpillar Motor GraderEquipmentVIEW
February 6, 2013Wanted D65 Komatsu DozerEquipmentVIEW
February 6, 2013Wanted 966FI CAT LoaderEquipmentVIEW
July 5, 2013Wanted Ball Mill EquipmentVIEW
August 3, 2013DozerEquipmentVIEW
November 19, 2013SANDVIK D90KS BLAST HOLE DRILLComponents/PartsVIEW
February 12, 2014980 or 988 Loader w/Tire Manipulator attachmentEquipmentVIEW
March 5, 2014Used 100 t Conventional CraneEquipmentVIEW
November 3, 2014Crawler TractorsEquipmentVIEW
January 10, 2015Haul TruckEquipmentVIEW
September 3, 2015Ancillary Equipment NeededEquipmentVIEW
October 27, 2015Atlas Copco DM30Components/PartsVIEW
March 22, 2016PC5500 Hydraulic ShovelEquipmentVIEW
July 7, 2016Wanted Terex TR100EquipmentVIEW
November 2, 2017Wanted 7-8 yard Dragline BucketComponents/PartsVIEW
November 2, 2017Scrap Conveyor BeltingGeneralVIEW
November 14, 2017Rock breakerEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Wanted Braun Grinding PlatesComponents/PartsVIEW
November 14, 2017993K LinkComponents/PartsVIEW
November 14, 2017Flotation Cells: Outotec TC-130 CellsComponents/PartsVIEW
November 14, 2017wanted to buy cat wheel loader Running or Non RunningEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Cat AD45 Haul TruckEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Marion 191Components/PartsVIEW
November 14, 2017REQUEST Terex Components/PartsVIEW
November 14, 2017Bobcat S-130EquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Request GD120 PartsComponents/PartsVIEW
November 14, 2017Cat Dozer D8K, D7G, D6D, D9H, Komatsu Dozer D85A-18, D155A-1, D85-12, EquipmentVIEW
November 14, 201760-90 ton Rope ShovelEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Cat 225 ExcavatorEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Wanted Used CAT950E Wheel Loader EquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Wanted Used CAT 966F LoaderEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Wanted Barber-Greene BG265B Asphalt PaverEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Wanted Barber-Greene BG245C Asphalt PaverEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 201714G, 140GEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017 Enquiry for Second Hand Continuous Miner alongwith accessoriesEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Tires for Off-The-Road Equipment and MachineryComponents/PartsVIEW
November 14, 2017Wanted Used CAT966E Wheel Loader EquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Wanted Barber-Greene BG245B Asphalt PaverEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017Wanted CAT 14G Motor GraderEquipmentVIEW
November 14, 2017966D, 966E, 966F, 950EEquipmentVIEW
April 26, 2018Reclaim seed drillsEquipmentVIEW
April 26, 2018WANT TO BUY KOMATSU D475A-5, D375A-6, D275AX7EquipmentVIEW
April 26, 2018KOMATSU HAUL TRUCKS 930E2 & 830Components/PartsVIEW
April 26, 2018diesel enginesComponents/PartsVIEW
April 26, 2018WANT TO BUY DRILTECH DRILLS T40K, D40K, DH1, DH2EquipmentVIEW
November 1, 2018Komatsu HD465-7 BedComponents/PartsVIEW
May 8, 2019793C Haul TrucksComponents/PartsVIEW