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Heavy Equipment


April 8,2008

AmeraMex International, Inc. a provider of heavy equipment to shipping, construction, logging and mining companies, today announced that it has purchased a package of pre-owned heavy equipment that will be refurbished at the company's Chico facilities and sold to customers in developing countries.

"There is a significant demand for affordable heavy equipment in the developing countries," said AmeraMex CEO and President Lee Hamre. "We continuously receive inquiries from countries such as Egypt, Vietnam, and India for equipment used in infrastructure construction, particularly roads. As we place new equipment with our customers in the U.S., we are able to purchase older equipment that may not meet EPA Tier III requirements, completely refurbish the equipment to like-new condition, and market it to our international customers. This is a win-win solution for our customers and carries a nice profit for AmeraMex."

According to AmeraMex CFO Warren Murphy, the company's pipeline remains strong with approximately $24 million in prospective orders. AmeraMex expects to report financial results its fourth quarter and year end in mid March.

About AmeraMex International

AmeraMex International sells, leases, and rents heavy equipment to companies within four industries: construction (light and infrastructure), shipping, mining, and logging. AmeraMex's largest product line is specialized container handling equipment that enables stevedoring companies to quickly and efficiently load and offload container and general freight ships dockside. AmeraMex, with customers in North America, South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, has over 30 years of experience in heavy equipment sales and service and inventories top-of-the-line equipment from manufacturers such as Taylor Machine Works Inc. and Terex Heavy Equipment. For more information, visit the AmeraMex website,