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EVRAZ KGOK's Cumulative Iron Ore Production Reaches 2 Billion Tons

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August 12,2015

EVRAZ of a Russian leading steel and resource company revealed on 10th that the cumulative production quantity of iron ore of its subsidiary EVRAZ Kachkanarsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant (KGOK) reached 2 billion tons. It is the first company in Russia of which cumulative production quantity of iron ore reached 2 billion tons.

EVRAZ KGOK is one of domestic mining companies ranked in the top 5 and is mining and processing iron ore in 3 open pits (Main, Western and Northern) and in the Southern deposit in Kachkanar, the Province of Sverdlovsk, Ural Federal District. New 130-ton BelAZ trucks, modern land levelers and earthmovers operate in the pits, pumping equipment is gradually replaced, and new production units have been installed in the crushing shop. New mills and separators are regularly put in operation and substation equipment is upgraded.

In the Gusevogorsky Deposit, titanium magnetite iron ore with 0.13% vanadium pentoxide is developed, which provides additional strength and rust resistance to steel to be produced. EVRAZ KGOK is said to be the only Russian company to produce high-quality iron ore products from ones with low Fe-content below 14%.

EVRAZ KGOK took 30 years to produce cumulative quantity of 1 billion tons in 1993, and almost 30% less time to produce the second billion tons. In 2006, its cumulative production quantity of titanium-magnetite iron ore amounted to 1.5 billion tons. In 2014, the company produced 58.1 million tons of iron ore, 6.4 million tons of pellets, 3.4 tons of sinter and 3.2 million tons of crushed rock.