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Stacker / Stacking Conveyor


January 21,2005

Giant Quarry uses Giant Stacker

Feb 1, 2003 12:00 PM

When Lafarge needed a radial stacker for the largest quarry in its northern division, it wanted a monster stacker. The aggregate producer turned to Grasan, which then custom designed a radial stacker for the aggregate producer.

Grasan built Lafarge a 48-in. ‡ 180-ft radial stacker conveyor and used two 75-hp electric motor to power the conveyor. The unit has a belt speed of 350 feet per minute and can move as much as 1,600 tph. The conveyor frame is made up of five welded sections and has a fixed height of 58 ft.

Lafarge's Marblehead quarry sits on the shore of Lake Erie, near Sandusky, Ohio. The quarry's shot limestone is first crushed in the pit. It is then conveyed to a surge pile. Under the surge pile is a 14-ft-diameter tunnel. That tunnel houses a 48-in. conveyor, which leads to the quarry's secondary crushing plant.

Grasan's stacker was installed to charge the surge pile, which has a radius of nearly 170 ft. But that was five years ago. Today, says Tim Page, Lafarge's Northern Division operations manager, the stacker still works as it was intended when it was installed. The stacker has been very dependable and efficient. And it has required little maintenance, he says.

The stacker has a twin radial drive with four axles and 12 tires. It is powered by two 5-hp electric motors and has a travel radius of 32 ft 6 in. The conveyor base is anchored to a huge concrete pylon through a swivel mechanism.