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Bucyrus 495 Shovel


September 26,2007

Bucyrus International, Inc. (NASDAQ:BUCY) has announced that it has secured new orders for five 495 series electric rope shovels and five 49HR rotary blasthole drills. The destinations for the 495 series shovels include coal in China, gold in Mexico and the oil sands of Alberta, Canada. The 49 series drills will be going to work in copper mines located in Canada and Brazil.

The 495 series shovel has a proven history of outstanding productivity and incorporates new and innovative technologies, which enhance its capabilities. Bucyrus 495 shovels are powered by the latest AC-IGBT drive technology. In addition, Bucyrus provides AccessDirect technology, which is a revolutionary approach to remote machine diagnostics. AccessDirect allows for direct access to a machine's electrical system by a Bucyrus engineer from anywhere in the world. Machines in remote locations are as close as a modem or internet connection. AccessDirect not only allows an engineer to view what is occurring on a machine to make a diagnosis, but in many cases adjustments or repairs can be made without the need of going to the machine location. For machines in remote locations that would otherwise require hours and sometimes days to reach, this can be critical in maintaining a machine's productivity.

The 49 series drills, which are known for their reliable performance, will be put to work in copper mines. Designed for their ability to be productive in hard rock situations, Bucyrus' 49HR drills are designed to handle the toughest mining requirements, providing many features for reduced maintenance and increased productivity. Components are designed for easy access and maximum longevity. Gear trains, including mast machinery, are engineered for strength and durability. A reliable electrical system performs in all weather conditions and an efficient and comfortable cab support maximum operator productivity.

The 49HR provides angle hole drilling of up to 25 degrees with a 9-5/8" to 16" (251 mm to 406 mm) hole diameter and includes several upgrades compared to earlier models. Fully cleated crawler links with an increased pin bearing area provide smoother operation and longevity. A tubular mast with a forged and machined rack provides a long lasting rack life and stable structure that resists cracks. A new water injection system provides cost-effective dust control with resistance to water contamination.

Bucyrus International, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Walking Draglines, Rotary Blasthole Drills and Electric Rope Shovels for the surface mining industry. In addition, Bucyrus manufactures high quality OEM parts and provides world-class support services for all Bucyrus brand mining machines. Bucyrus' corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing facility is located in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Bucyrus has been making the earth move for 125 years.