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Mining Equipment Marketing

Teck Cominco Ltd. - M. Talarico

April 4,2008

The Future of Mining Equipment Marketing

Mining companies are experts in mining ore-bodies and in most cases do not have the expertise or personnel to deal with the selling of surplus equipment. They are too busy doing what they do best and that is running the operation! Whether the asset is no longer economical to operate due to standardization, vintage or a change in mining methods, equipment gets parked and eventually becomes surplus.

Often when equipment has been deemed obsolete or surplus, operations take the position it needs to be liquidated regardless of what return on investment (ROI) is achieved. Sadly, even to the extent the asset is scrapped out or cut up for residual scrap metal values. When the expertise, personnel or time to deal with the task of selling surplus heavy equipment is lacking, it is not unusual for this path to be taken.

The future of marketing mining equipment is no different than marketing any commodity being sold today. To be successful, most businesses use all the standard mediums, however more dollars are being shifted into on-line or internet advertising every day. The internet works for you 24/7 and is the most cost effective medium available to Mining companies looking to move surplus assets. Rather than peruse dated newspaper or magazine subscriptions miners are shopping on-line.

On-line equipment portals for marketing heavy equipment and surplus mining equipment is cost effective, attracts a global market, is available 24/7 and is where the seller will earn the best returns by targeting end users. Present long equipment deliveries, higher start-up costs are also encouraging mining operations and construction companies to look at used.

This is the future of heavy equipment and mining equipment marketing and the internet has stream-lined and simplified this onerous task while delivering the highest possible ROI for the company and its shareholders.

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