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Purchasing Mining Equipment

October 15,2009

There is a vast range of mining equipment available, dependent on the application for which it is to be used. Underground mining, surface mining and open pit mining all require the initial movement of large quantities of earth. This equipment is similar to that used in large building projects, in the form of dump or haul trucks, diggers or shovels, back hoes and cranes. The extraction of ore requires a different collection of mining apparatus. Ore crushers, explosives, separators and other devices complete the full complement of necessary mining equipment. It is vital to remember that personnel are the fundamental aspect of any mining operation and their safety is paramount. Essential mining equipment must also include safety supplies, such as hard hats, ear defenders and respirators, to prevent employees form injuring themselves (or each other) whilst working in hazardous conditions.

Many criteria need to be considered in selecting the appropriate equipment for a particular mining operation. The most important factors to consider are safety, strength and durability, though cost can be a major aspect.

Heavy duty earth moving equipment can be bought direct from specialist manufacturers who focus on loaders, trucks, drills and scrapers. Other companies offer leased rebuilt / used mining equipment by major manufacturers. Many mining equipment manufacturers make ore extraction equipment. Some specialise in air compressors concentrators and tunnel boring machines, whist others produce conveyors, crushing plants and hoppers. Specialist underground mining equipment manufacturers offer an extensive range of pallet handles, tow tractors, belt drives, radial stackers and power packs. Several manufacturers produce a range of health and safety products. Some specialise in respirators, hearing protection, gas detectors, fall protection devices, hard hats and goggles, while others offer an assortment of specialised flags and lights for use inside mines, along with rescue equipment for both underground and surface mines.

A mining undertaking can often be large and complex. In order to ensure a project progresses efficiently, safely and is completed in a timely fashion, sufficient supplies and equipment must be made constantly available. For speedy service and extensive choice of products, the Internet is an excellent  choice for the purchase of mining equipment. Many mining equipment manufacturers and distributors have detailed specifications and photos of their inventory on their websites and there should be few problems in locating the appropriate tools and equipment for any mining project. New equipment can be bought directly from its manufacturer, though it can be a good money saving exercise to peruse the used and / or refurbished equipment offered by many manufacturers. Other firms specialise in the hire of mining equipment and dependent on the available capital, this may be a preferable option to outright purchase. To expedite the acquisition of mining equipment try using Request for Quote Software for your RFQ process.