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Mining Equipment for the Long Haul

Diesel Progress North American Edition, Nov, 2005

October 20,2006

Surface Mining Equipment for the long haul

Australian manufacturer Haulmax has launched what may be the first long-haul vehicle specifically designed for the mining industry. The new multi-axle truck, with a 70 to 200 ton payload, targets a niche segment of the mining arena, combining the need for a mining haul truck and a conventional on-highway Class 8 truck.

This niche for long-distance hauling in the mining industry began to surface as more and more mining companies look to secondary mineral deposits as a way to supplement the declining primary mineral bodies. Because these secondary deposits are smaller in size and are often located farther from the processing site, mining companies have to haul loads longer distances, something that their mining haul trucks are not designed to do.

With the Haulmax 3770 truck, mining companies are able to select from a 70 to 200 ton payload, offered in three multi-axle configurations (two, four or seven) that are purpose-built to haul long distances while withstanding the demands of the mining industry. "The Haulmax product has been developed with reliability, durability, serviceability and operator safety foremost in our minds," said Ron Schliebs, managing director for the Queensland, Australia-based company.

Model options include the 70 ton 3770 Chassis Bowl Tipper, the 120 ton 3775 Prime-Mover & Trailer and the 200 ton 3785 "B" Double Twin Power. All three truck configurations are available with a side tipper or belly dumper haul bed, that can be hauled in a one- or two-bed assembly. The trucks are built on a Haulmax chassis which Haulmax manufactures in Brisbane, Australia, along with the POPS operator cab, front axle and tandem drive axles.

For production of the trucks' drivetrain components, Haulmax has teamed with Caterpillar OEM Solutions Group, equipping the trucks with a 27 L 12-cylinder Cat 3412E diesel engine rated 760 hp at 2100 rpm. The engine delivers 2056 lb.ft. of torque and is paired with the Cat seven-speed powershift transmission. The transmission features individual clutch modulation and a wide rim pull speed range, which is designed for improved gradeability, quicker acceleration and a higher hauling speed. Electronics for the engine and transmission are also provided by Cat.

The Haulmax truck's braking circuit, which includes both a primary and secondary system, is integrated into the axle assembly. The main braking system uses non-fade retarding on two axles with the secondary system comprising of oil-cooled disc brakes. An Automatic Retarding Control is also available. Cat supplies the braking system as well as the truck's torque converter, final drives, steering and suspension, which consists of independent, self-contained oil-pneumatic suspension cylinders placed at each wheel to absorb load stress instead of distributing it to the frame. High TKPH (ton kilometer per hour) 18.00-R33 tires are also fitted on the vehicle.

Full dimensions on the Haulmax 3770 haul truck (without haul body) are 36.09 x 11.81 x 12.47 ft, (l x w x h). Turning radius is 69 ft. and the tractor tare weight is 74,957 lb. Top speed is 47 mph.

Haulmax said it will supply its long-haul mining trucks globally, looking into the oil & gas and forestry industries as additional market opportunities. To date, the company has delivered five vehicles to a large resource mining company with further models presently in production for both a rigid body and tractor trailer configuration.